Mindtemple was founded in 2005 by Dr Anjali Chhabria, a renowned psychiatrist, psychotherapist and author in the mental health field. The human being is central to our philosophy as mental health practitioners, as is client confidentiality. We endeavour to provide you with a safe and non-judgemental space where you can easily share your concerns. We aim to help you deal better with the distressing aspects of your life, thereby experiencing an emotionally healthier and empowered life.

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Words of encouragement from our clients

From: M. K., 34 Yrs
To: Forum Lalka

I’ve been coming to Mindtemple for close to 5 years now. It was my first time doing therapy and I was understandably nervous about what to expect but Forum came highly recommended through a friend. From the first moment, I felt really comfortable and knew that I was in a safe space. She never made me feel I was just a client and I have been able to really understand and even enjoy the process, knowing there is always a solution. I have also never felt pushed to continue beyond what is necessary, and have been provided tools (and homework!) to cope with real life without constantly feeling the need to go back to therapy unless it’s essential.

From: K.D., 23 Yrs
To: Chaitali Hirani

I visited mindtemple when I was diagnosed with clinical depression. Dr. Anjali and Chaitali (psychologist) have been a very instrumental part of my life shift in my mental health journey. Their non-judgmental, empathetic, caring approach made me open up and develop a trusting relationship. Dr. Anjali holistic way of approach made me feel safe. Chaitali’s methods and ways to tackle the hardest to simplest problems made things look easier. Chaitali helped me put issues into perspective which made me feel more confident and positive. Also, the staff is incredibly supportive and loving.

From: K.N.S., 41yrs
To: Mindtemple

When I first approached MindTemple, I was attended to with utmost gentleness. All my concerns were not just listened to but were addressed effectively through the course of my treatment. Having suffered with anxiety and related problems for over 20 years, and needing to work on my own internal resistance to taking help, I got the right amount of counseling, therapy and treatment from the industry’s best practitioners. Words are not enough for me to express my gratitude, all I can say is “Thank you for giving life and hope back to me”. I thoroughly appreciate the professionalism Mind Temple brings to one of the most sensitive areas of human health. God bless you!!

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