FAQs / Myths




The problem is just in my head.

It is a real problem.

Mental health is a theoretical concept.

It is backed by scientific research and evidence.

Therapy is all talk or advice; I can do that with a friend.

Therapist is skilled to help resolve issues at conscious and sub conscious level with specific techniques.

I will be judged and labeled.

Therapy focuses on WHAT the problem is and HOW to resolve it and not WHO you are or should be.

I am weak if I go for therapy.

It is logical to seek therapy for issues I am not able to resolve on my own.

I will get dependent.

Therapy will make me self-sufficient by empowering me with self-help tools.

I should be able to control MY OWN MIND without any help.

I will resolve the problem even if it requires me to take help.

It’s my fault I am in this position, so I must live with it.

I did my best and deserve help to get out of this.

Talking about past will make it worse. It is better to brush it aside.

Therapy helps to deal with past issues systematically, addressing the root cause of my current issue, improving my state of mind, therefore making it better.

I will be prescribed sleeping pills when I go to a psychiatrist

Medications are given only after assessing you in detail and depending on your symptoms. Medications for sleep are given only if necessary and only for a short time. With the advancement in science, we now have an array of medications which are non-sedating and with minimal side effects.

I will get dependant on medications once I start taking them

Medications are not given for more than the required duration. Just as medications help in any physical health condition, medications may be required in mental health concerns as often the cause is biological. A combination of  medication and therapy go hand in hand to help you better