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Pain Management

Orofacial Pain, as the name suggests is any pain of the Head, Face, Mouth and Neck region. Facial Pain and headaches is a complaint that around the world affects millions of people on a daily basis. It constitutes symptom that occurs from a large number of disorders and diseases that result in a chronic sensation of discomfort or pain felt in the region of the face, mouth, nose, ears, eyes, neck, and head. Almost 91% of general population suffers from Orofacial pain conditions in their lifetime.

Chronic Orofacial Pain presents very challenging diagnostic problems that are typically complicated by a variety of psychological and distressing factors, sleep disturbances and are debilitating. And not just to the person with the condition, but also to those people around them. The complex array of symptoms and disability a person suffers often can lead them to feel that their condition is too difficult, frustrating, and elusive to treat. Often people may give up or believe that no one understands or is listening. Therefore, patients with Orofacial Pain often require multidisciplinary treatment approaches, whilst a correct diagnosis requires time, understanding, and listening to the patients chief complaints and their thorough description of the pain history.

Although Headaches and Facial pain is the most common medical ailment-they remain a mystery to most general physicians and a majority of patients rely regularly on pain killers for relief or presume they have to live with migraine/ pain conditions.

Very often the source of the pain is far from where the pain is actually being experienced. Patients often complain of chronic headaches at the top of their head along with stiffness and dull pain in the base of the skull often radiating to their lower back and even the tips of their fingers. This pain is often wrongly attributed to stress and ignored.

Facial pain often shows up as:

  • Headaches (ranging from Migraines, cluster, tension type, Cervicogenic),
  • Jaw Joint (TMJ) disorders (symptoms include face, neck, jaw tightness, clicking/ popping or locking of Jaw),
  • Sleep apnea, snoring
  • Nerve pain (Neuropathic) such as Trigeminal neuralgia, Glossopharyngeal neuralgia, HIV related neuropathies, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS),
  • Burning mouth syndrome or Glossodynia (burning tongue),
  • Abnormal bite sensations, Post trauma/ post surgery pain. Mystery/ Phantom tooth pain, toothaches of non-dental origin.

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