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Death Is Not The Answer

" Every 3 seconds globally someone somewhere attempts suicide and every 40 seconds a person succeeds. Unfortunately one out of three suicides is happening in India. According to a World Health Organization report published in 2012, India is a country with the most suicide – the total number of suicides in the world in 2012 was 8,04,000; India accounted for 2,58,075. Shockingly, the WHO reported that the rates of suicide in India have doubled from 10.6 per 1,00,000 reported cases (2009) to 20.9 per 1,00,000 reported cases (2012).

Among the mega cities in India, Chennai reported the highest number of suicides followed by Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, and Bhopal. National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data revealed that one out of every six persons who took the extreme step in 2014 was a housewife. It has also been reported that men commit suicide twice as much as women.

Additionally, it has been found that three fourths of suicides occur in low and middle income countries. As a practicing Indian psychiatrist, I feel ashamed to share that age group 15 to 25 is most vulnerable. Most of these deaths can be prevented with timely help. However, due to lack of awareness, stigma, and misconceptions, these lives are being lost.

I have found no literature about the Indian scenario for suicide, and how we can help ourselves or our loved ones in times of need. This is the first comprehensive book that helps us understand suicide – what it is, how one may be driven to the brink of suicide, and most importantly – how we can prevent it. This book is my attempt to save a life and bring awareness for one and all. " - Dr. Anjali Chhabria

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